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The Montreal Canadiens lead the way with 24 Stanley Cups. Here's the complete list of most Stanley Cup wins, ranked by team. Stanley Cup winners from to today on That provided the winning goal, as the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Nashville Predators in a controversial Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. stanley cup wins

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New York Rangers EC 11, 4—7. Montreal Canadiens E 27, 18—8. Portland Rosebuds PCHA 1, 0—1. Four active teams have yet to make a Stanley Cup Finals appearance. Philadelphia Flyers W 1, 1—0. Top fantasy hockey rankings: Prior to that, the challenge cup was held by nine different teams. Los Angeles Kings Kings defeat Rangers Boston Bruins 5, 3—2. Retrieved April 22, CBC Newsletters Daily Digests Breaking Alerts. Toronto Maple Leafs 12, 6—6.


Blackhawks win 2015 Stanley Cup as final buzzer sounds